To All Men Who Are Frustrated With Their Sex Lives... Or Lack of It...

“Hot & Dirty Black Book Reveals Stupidly Easy Step-By-
Step, Simple Secrets On How To Have Sex More Often
With Your Wife or Girlfriend While Giving Her Seizure-
Like, Never-Ending, Dripping Wet Orgasms!”

There Are Pills That Will Help You Grow A Bigger Penis and
Pills To Make You Last Longer, But Are There Pills That Will
Allow You To Have Sex More Often?
Unequivocally, No.

Dear Sex-Deprived Husband and Boyfriend,

Simple question for you...

Do you get enough sex to REALLY make you feel like a man?

Are you satisfied with how often you get it?

I mean, you work all damn day taking care of the things you need to do and all you want is a little "R & R" to ease the frustration, if you know what I mean. I bet you've gone for weeks and maybe even months without getting some.

Why is that?

It's not healthy.

It's detrimental to your well-being and could put a serious strain on your relationship. Before you know it, you'll be looking for someone else or she will.

"My Girlfriend Has Loved Everything I Have Done To Her This Week So Much That She Begs For It Everyday!"

“Hi LeeThanks for the e-mails the advice in them have been very useful and my girlfriend has loved everything I have done to her this week so much that she begs for it everyday. Our sex life is even better than before so thanks for everything, the course was great.

All the best”
- Dan

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“Hi lee Jenkins,

Thank you so very much for all your tips my wife now enjoys sex with me. She told me last night that it was the first time she reached orgasm after so many times i had have sex with her.You are wonderful thank you so much.”

- Niyi

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"Your Tips Are Great."

“Your tips are great.  I haven't used a lot of them yet but I'm studying them and totally looking forward to testing them out.

Thank you very much.”

- Erik

"Now My Girlfriend Has Started To Pester Me For More Sex!"

"Many thanks for the tips that you have given me, they have given me a lot more confidence, also now my girlfriend has started to pester me for more sex, which I am only too happy to oblige to. So many thanks for the information given it has been a great help"

- David

"Thank You Thank You Thank You..!"

“Thank you thank you thank you.. so far i have only read three articles but just those three have truely helped my husband and i's sex. thank you again. we will read more and hopefully we can go back to twice aday. lol thanks”

- nicki

"I Never Knew Half The Stuff You Tell About Females And I Am One!"


This stuff you send out helps a lot! I never knew half the stuff you tell about females and I am one! I have not tried all of the things but I have all the e-mails saved so I def. will be trying them soon. Thank you so much.”

- Alexis

"What Your Teaching Me Now Is The Kind Of Things Every Man And Women Should Know"

“Your a pimpen playa bro,  what your teaching me now is the kind of things every man and women should know all i want is to be a sex god and beable to pleasure all women if you can teach me this I'm all ears. Your the man!!!”

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Well what can i say other than, my girlfriend has been asking me for more sex. We live far from each other but, we never stop messaging even while working.

And since i started taking your advice, she sends me naughty messages that just get me turned on as well.  It really improved our sex life and i'm surprised that it's her asking for it more than i ask for it.  It's just great!!!!”

- Ezequiel

"I Let My Husband Read These Helpful Lessons And Our Sex Life Has Improved A Lot."

"I just wanted to let you know that I let my husband read these helpful lessons and our sex life has improved a lot. Thank you!!!!!”

- Missy

"My Girlfriend Wants To Marry Me Now."

“The tips u've been sending me are working "EXCELLENT". My girlfriend wants to marry me now. Thanks!!”

– S

“Dear Lee,

I last night when me and my girlfreind were foreplaying, i tried the 5 areas you said not to miss.”

- Gully

"Trust Me This Will Be One For Your Memoirs!!!! "

“I really thank you for the info . However, I am steadily still reading (alot of info you know) I have plan a special night for someone for whom I am currently seducing this will indeed be the icing on the cake.

My guest and I are scheduled to meet mid to late December so I have plenty of time to read and perfect these methods.

But, I will keep you informed Trust me this will be one for your memoirs!!!! So STAY TUNED.......!!!!!!”

- Michael

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Need I say more?”

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I had the most marvelous, mind-blowing orgasm ever when we tried your tip about the blueprint of an orgasmic evening. I can't wait for my husband to try the twitch method tonight.

Thank You soo much”

- Mary

"These Tips Are Really Working"

“These Tips are really working. She is now enjoying according to her.

Please send me more while i'm practicing these u send to me.

thanks a lot”

- Dickson

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“hey lee,

The tips you are sending me are good, I usually do something similar to what you are explaining but along with the tips there are always a few little things that help make my job just that little bit easier (and better for that matter). Keep them comin.”

- Seth

"Hell I Did Not Even Know They Existed!"

“These are very good tips. Hell I did not even know they existed


"The Sex With Me Girlfriend Has Become A Lot More Enjoyable And More Fun"

“thanks alot lee the tips you have sent me were very helpful the sex with me girlfriend has become a lot more enjoyable and more fun thanks keep sending me tips very much appricated thanks,”

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"She Said To Me It Was A Best Amazing Blow Mind Feeling She Ever Got Of Me"

“thanks for your advice on those sex postion tip. i thought they were great and it had really help our relationship. my girlfriends had love what i done for here with the G spot.

she said to me it was a best amazing blow mind feeling  she ever got of me... it was my girlfriends who subject it to to me, sign it up for me to learn how do it right and i also love the postion she gave me in the end.. thanks for your wonderful tip...”

- Sam

"She Was So Wet!"

“Hi Lee,

A lot of what you have said regarding stimulating the G-Spot and the clit I already did as it is something that you just feel when you do it, and it is just something that comes naturally.

All of what you have told me just confirmed what I already knew, however things like the three-fingered split and the twitch method I have never even heard of, let alone tried!

I did try them and they worked a treat! She was so wet!

- Phil

"I Used The 3 Finger Split And It Was Great, It Was Easy And She Loved It!"

“hi, i used the 3 finger split and it was great, it was easy and she loved it. so ill keep this short and i cant wait to get more e-mails from you!!”

- D.S

"She Is Never Absent And Now Thanks Me After Every Session."

“Hi Lee,

I am so grateful for the tips you' ve been sending me. Infact the tips are just too fantastic. Prior to receiving your tips,I and my girlfriend had been having sex once a week but this time round we' ve cut it to three days. She is never absent and now thanks me after every session.

I hope i shall continue to benefit from you.”

- John

"Our Sex Life Has Gone On A Much Better Path."

“HI Lee,

Yes these tips have helped a lot. My boyfriend and i have been reading them. And r using it in the bedroom. Our sex life has gone on a much better path. Keep sending me the info. Sorry I haven't responded I have been busy. But thanks for the time in sending this info.

Thanks a million”

- linda

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These tips are the greatest since cooked meat! The reason I sighed up because I got with this girl that is so beautiful she made me nervous. The nite we hooked up I had not planed on giving her the business until I had a few more tricks up my sleeve.

So the nite we hooked I just started out with a light touch caressing her body all over, got in the panties and it was already wet so i massaged the clit and went in search for the g spot i dont think ive ever consciously found a g spot but boy did i discover the gold she came i no because she started going crazy and convulsing and saying my name i felt like i was in tune with her body. 

After the first nut her g spot was my best friend and she came two more times before i penetrated it was as if she could not stop cumming every couple of minutes she would start shaking in the end she fell asleep and i sat until i fell asleep thanking god for the Internet”

- Tom

"Thanks Its Really Bring Mine And My Girlfriends Relationship Back To What It Used To Be Like In The Beginning. Fun And Exciting."

“Hey Lee its Stanko and yes your tips helped alot thanks its really bring mine and my girlfriends relationship back to what it used to be like in the beginning. fun and exciting. thanks alot.”

- Stanko

"The Thing That Has Helped Me Is The Finger Position And The Having Sex Doggy Style."

“Hey, I was wanting to tell you that the thing that has helped me is the finger position and the having sex doggy style. You have helped my sex life and I just want to say thank you.”

- Richard

"Your Class Is Really Working!"


Your class is really working and I'm learning a lot. I'm really glad I signed up!”

- Grace

"It Has Helped Mine And My Fiance's Sex Life Greatly!!!"

“i just wanted to thank you sooooooooooooo much for everything you've been sending me!! it has helped mine and my fiance's sex life greatly!!! i'm so thankfull you wrote about how to find the g-spot! everything is working beautifully!!!
thank you sooo much,”

- Brianna

"I Am Sure My Wife Appreciates The Advice Too."

“Hey Lee

Been married 22yrs and just now learning more that ever. I am sure my wife appreciates the advice too..


- Jay

"Thank You Very Much For Helping People Out There."

“Dear Mr. Jenkins,

I am a straight lady. who did not even know much about her own self.

But, I have learned a lot from your emails. I like knowledge and that is what I am gathering from you.

You have have taught me so much about my own body.

I am not married right now, but I now have an idea of how to communicate with my mate, have fun , ...etc.

Thank you very much for helping people out there.

Some of the techniques will be tried when  the time is right and with the right person, my husband.

Again, thank you very much for your research and your wisdom.”

- Gladys

"Now Instead Of Me Making The Move To Have Sex She Is The One Making The Moves On Me To Make Her Have An Orgasm!"

“Dear Lee,
Your tips and advice have really helped me out with my girlfriend. Now instead of me making the move to have sex she is the one making the moves on me to make her have an orgasm.

- Joe

"She Really Loved It When I Used Ur Three Finger Splint Method!"

“Dear Lee

I just wanted to thank you. Me and my partner have had better sex with the use of your helpful hints. She really loved it when i used ur three finger splint method. We cant wait to try your other helpful hits thank you very much for you time.”

- Jason

"She Is More Outgoing Now
Then Ever!"

“hey lee,

your techniques are helping me out a ton! I cant explain how much my girlfriend loves it, after a week or two of using your techniques she asked me "where did you learn to do all this"
well i told her, and she ate it up, loved it!

she is more outgoing now then ever. i want to thank you again, and keep sending me..i mean us your tips, you are a god in the feild of sex.


- Ty

"But Thanks For Your Information I'm Able To Make Her Cum 2-4 Times With Out Bustin A Sweat."

“Thank you a lot

Me and my wife were going thru some tuff times, & I wanted to know what I could do to change things up a bit.

After all we have been together for 12 years.

I knew our love life was suffering. But thanks for your information I'm able to make her Cum 2-4times with out bustin a sweat.

Thank you so much, it's put the spark back into our relationship”

- Marc

"My Wife Donna Has Become A Squirter!"

“hi lee since we have been taking your advice my wife donna has become a squirter

its a real turn on when i watch her come with very wet results lol

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“Well,The other day I was going down on my Girlfriend(sucking and licking her clit) and fingering her using 2 fingers.....and she REALLY seemed to be enjoying it,cause she kept saying "PLEASE DONT STOP"!!,and then about 5-10 minutes later, her legs started twitching and she started making ALOT of noise then her whole body was witching...........and then she started kneeing me in my face!!!!!!!(she gave me a black eye!!!!!)

She felt really bad afterwards, BUT I DONT MIND AT ALL!!!!!! then a couple minutes later she asked me to stop.And then she couldnt barely talk for a few minutes,Then she told me that she has NEVER felt that awsome EVER!!!!!


- Josh

You can prevent it from ever happening!

Look, if you simply want to learn how to give your lady an orgasm, there's plenty of information out there.

But if you want to learn how to get her to have sex with you more often, then this may be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

So Where Did You Say You
Got Your Sex Education Again?

If you think sex is just insert, repeat and complete, you're shamelessly wrong.

Truth of the matter is, most guys don't have a clue about having sex, because most men simply aren't getting a quality sexual education.

If you wanted to be a plumber, you simply go to a trade school, graduate, and *POOF* - you're a plumber!

Why can't it be that simple when it comes to becoming an excellent, satisfying lover?

Unfortunately, most of us learn it as we go and never really know the true ways of satisfying their woman.

So This Makes Me Wonder... Is
Your Lady Getting What She Needs?

I know it sucks not to be able to give your woman an orgasm.

Believe me, I’ve been there.  And I know how you feel not to be able to give a woman an orgasm no matter how hard you try.

But that's only half the story!

I mean, it’s easy for us guys to get sexual pleasure when we’re with a woman.  Whether it’s through oral sex, a hand job, or straight-up intercourse, it’s easy for women to give men orgasms.

But when it comes time for us to return the favor and try to give her an orgasm, that’s where most men fail…and you know what?

It’s no surprise…

Check out these startling facts, and see if any of these apply to you:

  • 70% of women have NEVER had an orgasm with a man.
  • 60% of married women will cheat on their husbands.  Why? There are many reasons, but I bet one of them is because they’re looking for sexual satisfaction that you can’t provide.
  • 25% of men will get turned down by their own lovers over half the time.  These men have women who think sex is a chore.
  • Nearly 50% of men have partners that will NEVER ask for sex (would you ask for something that doesn’t give you any pleasure?)
  • 92% of women will FAKE ORGAMS just to “get it over with”.  It’s obvious that what most men are doing simply isn’t working.

And, over time, after many “failed attempts” at trying to give your woman an orgasm, you’ll probably even hear her saying things like:

  • “I’m too tired”
  • “Not right now”
  • “I’ve had a long day”
  • “Not tonight… I have a headache” or…

Have you experienced any of the above in your lifetime?

Have you been turned down by your girlfriend or wife, because you wanted to have sex and she didn’t?

Has she ever told you any of the excuses, cheated on you, or even…

Fake An Orgasm Just
To Get It Over With?

Well, it happened to me.

About 11 or 12 years ago, I was in a long term relationship with a steady girlfriend.  And here’s the true story.  What happened was, we were having sex in a hotel room while vacationing in Hawaii.

I won’t go into the intimate details, but let’s just say I was…

Pounding her hard and fast like a jackhammer hammering away into the ground.

My girlfriend looked ecstatic.  She looked as though she has been possessed and couldn’t control what was happening to her body.

She even screamed “Harder Lee, Harder!” and “Ohhh! I’m cumming!”

I thought to myself, “Hell ya, I’m actually giving her an orgasm!”

She even bit me, dug her nails into my back (ouch!), and made her legs twitch like she was having a seizure. 

I Felt Like A Stud... I Was On Cloud 9

Have you been there with your girlfriend or wife before?  It feels so good, doesn’t it?  You were in the zone. 

She was screaming your name, telling you she was cumming.  In fact, at this time I even gave myself a mental “high five”.  It was just a feeling so good, to be able to give your woman an orgasm. 

This is the way all sex should happen, right?  You’ve been there before.  I’m sure you have.

(If you haven’t, and your sessions of sex end up without her “looking” like she’s having an orgasm…well, I envy you... you’ll find out why later on).

So after I reach my orgasm, we’re both drenched in sweat (actually, she’s drenched in MY sweat because I was the one doing the work), I go and get ready to take a shower to clean off.  I’m feeling good, and I’m sure she’s feeling good too.  I mean…

I Just Gave My Girl An Orgasm...
...Or So I Thought...

I turn on the shower to get the water warmed up.

And just when I was about to step in, I hear her cell phone ring.

I must admit, I was feeling a little sneaky, so instead of stepping right into the showers, I decided to do a little eavesdropping on her conversation.

My ego was sky-high at this point.  I was hoping that I would catch her bragging to her friends about the orgasm I just gave her… I wanted another ego boost!

The shower was already on, and because of the water splashing onto the bathtub, it sounded like I was taking a shower. 

The noise from the water made it hard to hear anything from behind the bathroom doors.  But there was a tiny opening by the door; about 1 and a half inch high, separating the floor from the bottom of the door.

I crouch down, and placed my ear as close as I can to this little opening.  I could hear!

So first of all, what do you think I heard as she was talking to her friend when she thought that I was in the shower?

What do you think?

Keep in mind the last hour or so, my girlfriend and I had “orgasmic sex”.

What do you suppose I heard?

Well, let me tell you.  What I heard was:

“Meh…it was the same as usual…
...It started to get boring after a while,
so I faked an orgasm again!”


Can you imagine how I felt?

Man, it hurt… Worst than a swift kick right to the balls.

I felt humiliated.



But as I listened in on her conversation, it woke me up to something.

I realized that, somewhere along the way…

It’s perfectly OK for her to say, “that was the best sex I’ve ever had!” and for her to moan, scream out your name, and tell you that she’s having an orgasm (when she’s not).

And what did I get?

A performance.  A stage show.  A fake. 

Might as well slit my wrist with a butter knife.

I was lead to believe that after all this time; I could do something to her that she could do to me: give orgasms.

But I couldn’t.

So should I be mad at her for faking it?  Why couldn’t she just tell me the honest truth?  Was there something she wanted to avoid?  Did she want to avoid disappointment?  What was she afraid of if she expressed the truth and not faked an orgasm?

But what would I have done if she didn’t make it look as though she was having an orgasm?

Keep on thrusting away, creating more pressure and expectation for her to cum?

She would be laying there, bored, thinking of what to watch later on TV while you're feverishly humping away.

You may not even be knowing it, but you might be sending unnecessary pressure to your partner by thrusting away like there’s no tomorrow.

And what do people do when they feel pressured?  They retreat, right?  Isn’t that true?  They don’t physically retreat during sex… they moan, roll their eyes, scream your name… they’ll do the things that is expected of them. 

And then we get stuck in a path of doing the same thing over and over, thinking that she’s having an orgasm.

On top of that, she sees you trying so hard, and...

She Doesn't Want To
Disappoint You During Sex

She doesn’t want to hurt your feelings, so she fakes it.

Now, if you’ve never given an orgasm to your partner (to find out later, that she was faking it), we’ll…you’re lucky.  At least she was honest, and you’re not hurt the same way I was.

After I finally taken a shower, I confronted her.

She admitted, after all this time, she had always faked her orgasms.  She told me that it just seemed like the “right thing” to do.

She never had an orgasm during sex.

This was not acceptable.  I wanted to be the one who can give her orgasms.  REAL orgasms.

That lead me on a journey to figure out exactly how… so I became…

I spoke to sex therapists and sex coaches.  Some of them had conflicting ideas, and others seemed as though they had a hidden agenda to sell me on creams, pills, and other “snake oils” that they claimed will give a woman an orgasm.

I’ve read books, manuals, and watched videos on the topic.  I even enrolled in a University course about “Sexual Psychology”!

I knew that I had to test everything out for myself, and figured out what worked, and what didn’t.

First, I figured out how to determine if a woman is having an orgasm, or faking it. 

Did you know there are unconscious, uncontrollable signs that are “dead giveaways” that a woman is having an orgasm?

Second, I determined how, when and what to do to give a woman orgasms.

Over the years, I tested out different techniques, routines, positions, products and devices, and I compiled all my “notes” into my notebook.

Everything that worked went right into that notebook.  What didn’t, I simply scrapped it.

After all this time, I have finally refined a complete roadmap to the elusive female orgasm.  It was a complete, step-by-step manual on how to give a woman an orgasm and get her coming back for more.

The “system” worked with my girlfriend ALL THE TIME…

She Had Orgasms (and Multiple Orgasms)
With Everything I've Learned!

Now, you might be thinking,

“That’s great, but she faked an orgasm on you before, what makes you think that she’s not faking it again and again”?

It’s simple, if you know what to look for.

There are unconscious, uncontrollable things that a woman’s body does when she’s having an orgasm (or near orgasm).  Just like when men ejaculate, you know that an orgasm is happening.  Women have these “surefire” signals too.

And not only that, I’ve given a portion of my routines to a few close married friends of mine who were frustrated with their sex lives.  They all have been married for 3+ years, and they all had a common theme.

They were telling me how…

"Their wives became "frigid" after marriage and they didn't enjoy or even want sex anymore!"

I gave them a copy of my notes, and told them to tell me how it went in 7 days.

What did they tell me the next week?

Wow.  This stuff works.

(Imagine if you were in their situation…finally being able to give your partner an orgasm.  How would you feel?  How do you think she’ll feel about you?)

After many years of reading sex books, watching “how to” sex videos, interviewing “sex gurus”, testing out different techniques, trial and error, spending thousands of dollars on books, seminars, tapes, and different products and devices...

I've put together all the tips, techniques and routines that worked into a manual..

At first I wanted to keep this book (and its secrets) to myself and my inner circle of friends.

But thinking back to the time when I found out my girlfriend had faked her orgasm, and how I was never able to give my partner an orgasm, I realized that other guys, just like you and me, have the same problems too.

I've also seen the impact these techniques and routines can have in a relationship, turning a dull and boring marriage into one full of sex, passion, and orgasms.

As you probably know, there are a lot of men out there who are frustrated with their sex lives.  But it’s not like we’re special; women are frustrated with their sex lives too (you can probably remember that most women go through their entire life without experiencing one single orgasm).

And you know what?

It's not right for women to go through life without experiencing an orgasm...

And It's Up To Us Men To Do Something About It!

So, for all the men and women in the world who are frustrated with their sex lives…

I Give You The Solution To
Your Sex-Deprived Problem:

An easy to read, step-by-step system on how to give an orgasm to any woman and bring her coming back for more and more!

I’ve packed this manual with all the “golden nuggets” I’ve learned from Sex therapists, coaches, sex books and videos into one complete, easy to read guide designed to take-you-by-the-hand and how you exactly how to give a woman an orgasm.

Here are some of the secrets you’ll discover in this manual:

  • How to guarantee your partner an “over-the-top” orgasm…every time you make love!
  • Why being a “pick up artist” doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be a “Stud” in bed!
  • How to re-ignite the white-hot passion of any long-term relationship!
  • The number one reason women can’t have orgasms… even if you’re using every trick in the book… and… what to do about it!
  • The almost unknown “mental” secret that can make… or break… the chances of your woman getting an orgasm! (this is exactly what some of the top professional athletes experience during competition)
  • A little known “hypnosis” trick that can make her orgasm quickly and easily, and make her think of you when she’s feeling sexual pleasure…she can even be trained to have squirting orgasms with this little trick
  • A key ingredient…when used during foreplay and sex…that will make it easier to bring her pleasure, and ultimately, more and better orgasms.
  • Step-by-step guide on how (and when) to find the G-Spot!
  • 10 sizzling “hot spots” found between her legs!  (if you miss any of these areas you could risk losing the orgasm)
  • A special place (deep inside the vagina) that can cause earth shattering orgasms! (and it’s NOT the G-spot)
  • How to tell if she’s faking an orgasm on you!
  • How to tell if she’s having a real orgasm!
  • How to keep your hands and arms from “giving out” when you’re fingering her!  You’ll last longer, giving her more orgasms!
  • Why the school system sucks when it comes to “sex ed”!  If this is your only “education” on sex, you’ll never give your woman an orgasm
  • A chemical that is vital to a woman’s orgasm! (but don’t buy this in stores!)
  • How to give women “pelvic throbbing” orgasms!
  • A secret “ninja technique” for women that can be done at work, shopping and anywhere else in public…that can increase the frequency, duration, and intensity of her orgasms!

  • How a woman can be more “orgasmic” with this “home gym” for her vagina
  • How to “wire” a woman for orgasm so that she’s more likely to have an orgasm with every love making session!
  • A simple “shortcut” to knowing exactly how she likes to be touched! (This takes the guesswork out of foreplay)
  • Warning! Before you give your woman multiple, squirting orgasms, don’t be caught without this.
  • Step-by-step routine on how to lick a woman’s vagina so that you’ll know exactly how, when, and where to use your tongue (this could make her beg you to “stick it in”)
  • How to create a setting in your home that will make her want to have sex!
  • 2 sensory tricks (1 visual, 1 auditory) that will put your woman in a state of mind where she’s only focusing of the pleasure you’re giving her…making it easier for you to give her an orgasm (or multiple orgasms)
  • A non-sexual, but physical technique that can make it easier for her to have an orgasm
  • A type of “tension” that has to be removed from the body in order to have an orgasm!
  • A type of “tension” that needs to be “injected” into the body in order to have an orgasm!
  • 2 “ingredients” she can use during lovemaking that can increase a woman’s sensitivity to touch (and you don’t need a prescription for it)
  • A critical mental and physical “state” that a woman has to experience before your touch her genitals that will guarantee an orgasm
  • Step-by-step guide on how to touch a woman in a way that will make her beg you “attack” her vagina!  (This technique is so powerful that she might even “sexually” attack you!)
  • How to release the intoxicating “pleasure chemicals” in her body…these chemicals help you release her orgasm!
  • How to position yourself for oral…so that…she’ll moan with ecstasy…and…your neck won’t hurt!
  • 8 ways to stroke her clitoris
  • 16 fingering techniques to hit the G-spot
  • The 10 best sex positions that will give her an orgasm
  • A little known, but amazingly effective “upgraded” sex position can bring you and your partner to an orgasm…at the same time!
  • A tiny adjustment to the doggy style position that can magnify the pleasure for her and focus your penis her “orgasm button” (press this enough, and she’ll cum)
  • How to give your partner multiple orgasms!
  • How to train your woman to be more orgasmic, and want sex more often!
  • The most common female orgasm problems… and what to do about it
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I describe some fingering techniques in the Female Orgasm Black Book, but once you get the hang of those, you can move onto the ADVANCE fingering techniques described in this report!

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